1. Pricing: All pricing is exclusive of a blow-dry (unless that Is what you have specifically booked for). Chantelle Maree Hair will provide adequate information on how the hair should be prepared prior to on the day styling. If this is not adhered to, the client will be charged for an additional blow-dry. All pricing is subject to change unless a final quote has been given, the booking fee has been paid and the contract has been signed.  

  2. Bridal Trials: All trials are held at Chantelle Maree Hair’s studio. The cost is $180. Trials are held on Thursday's during the business hours of 9:30am-4pm.

  3. Bookings: To secure your wedding date, a signed contract is required with a $200 booking fee due at the time of signing. The booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please be advised that if the contract is not signed and/or the booking fee has not been paid, then your wedding date is not confirmed and locked in.

  4. Travel: I travel free of charge for weddings located in Brisbane within a 15km radius from Camp Hill. Further travel costs vary depending on the wedding location. Please ensure you provide the getting ready location’s address to ensure I can provide an accurate quote. Travel fee is calculated at $75 per hour to and from the wedding destination.

  5. Early call times: A $50 fee will be charged for every hour prior to the agreed 6am start time. 

  6. Minimum Fee: when the client’s total services do not meet the minimum $750, the client will be charged the minimum regardless.

  7. For Sunday Wedding's and Public Holiday Wedding's, a 15% surcharge applies

  8. Exclusivity clause: The client agrees that Chantelle Maree Hair has the sole and exclusive right to provide hairstyling to the bride and her bridesmaids on the wedding day.

  9. Satisfaction guaranteed: Hair will be completed to each client’s satisfaction on the wedding day. Ample time is given for each hairstyle upon booking. Verbal agreeance is thereby confirming the client is happy with the services performed. If the client is unhappy with the styling provided, they must raise their concern whilst Chantelle Maree Hair is still on location and it will be rectified.

  10. Cancellation: Cancelling or rescheduling of trials requires 48 hours’ notice. Cancelling of weddings requires 90 days’ notice. Failure to notify Chantelle Maree Hair prior to 90 days, will result in payment being due in full. In the unlikely event that Chantelle Maree Hair is unable to attend the clients booking due to sickness, injury, personal emergency or any other circumstance beyond her control, the hairstylist will endeavour to find a replacement. However, finding a replacement is not guaranteed. The client will receive a full refund of the money paid, less the trial cost.

  11. If you choose to reschedule or postpone your wedding more than 12 months after your initial booking, you may be subject to a price increase. 

  12. Service location and requirements: Getting ready location is at the discretion of the bride however, there are certain requirements the hairstylist needs to complete hair services. Working electrical outlets must be available for use by the hairstylist. A work area with table and chairs as well as ample lighting (natural or artificial) is also necessary for services to be performed properly.

  13. Liability: By signing this contract, the client removes the hairstylist from any personal responsibility if there should be any damages incurred to the client and/or bridesmaids or any other party member due to sensitivity or allergic reaction from products used during services.

  14. Parking fees: Parking needs to be provided onsite at the getting ready location. All hotels will need to have a space available onsite for parking and the fee will be added to the client’s room bill.

  15. Payment: The final balance is due fourteen days (2 weeks) before the event as one payment -no exceptions. The person responsible for the entire bill is the person(s) who has signed the booking contract. Payment can be paid via bank transfer.

  16. Use of image: It is imperative that we continue to update our portfolio and demonstrate our work to future prospective brides. By signing this contract, you give confirmation for Chantelle Maree Hair to contact the clients wedding photographer to access professional images and use them on social media/website for promotional purposes. Please let Chantelle Maree Hair know in advance if you do not wish to be photographed or not happy with Chantelle Maree Hair sharing images for marketing purposes. Chantelle Maree Hair is happy to be photographed on your wedding day however please ensure we are tagged @chantellemareehair or credited for the work performed.

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